What is a Snake's Natural Diet?

What is a Snake's Natural Diet, and How Does it Get its Food?
If you take care of snakes, or just curious, you'd want to know what they eat and how they source food. Here's what you need to know. In a nutshell, snakes don't chew. They're carnivores that swallow their prey whole. They're lots of stuff these reptiles have on their menu. Also, snakes eat depending on their specie and other peculiar features. Another major feature that determines what snakes feed on is their choice habitat. Regardless of the location or specie of snakes, here're the main foods snakes enjoy eating.

What Do Snakes Eat?

They're some snakes that focus on eating only eggs. This set of snakes is mostly referred to as egg-eating snakes, and they're known to eat virtually nothing else.

Snakes enjoy having a toad every now and then. In most areas, the presence of amphibians means a near presence of a budding snake population.

Other snakes
Snakes are notorious for using other snakes as a snack every now and then, so there's a very unfair food chain for the little reptiles.

Snakes, particularly the underwater snakes, have an affinity for fishes of varying types as their major source of food.

Snakes could have their way with small to big chicks depending on their size and appetite. Rodents and other small mammals also make up the menu snakes enjoy.

How Do They Source Their Food?

Heat seeking
Snakes make use of their heat seeking feature to gather feed with less hassle. This is embedded in their eye sight as an automatic feature when they're in the hunt for prey.

Vibrations made by the prospective prey of the snakes tend to make it easier for a catch. All the snake has to do is pinpoint the location of the vibration and launch an attack for a quick kill. Snakes also pick-up on the scent of their prey and launch a precise attack for their next meal.

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